Handmade Caramel and Greys Hummimg Bird Vase
Handmade Caramel and Greys Hummimg Bird Vase
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A beautiful delicate Hummingbird  vase is a décor piece. Featuring a vase, handcrafted decoupage flowers, made up of soft caramel and grey hues, this piece is sure to make a statement in any room. The design has been crafted with long-lasting materials and vibrant colors that won’t fade.

The vase is made from glass and is 20 cm high by 10cms wide.

This vase can be filled with water as necessary but can not be submerged into water, preferably wipe down to keep clean. 

All my handmade vase are sealed and varnished with a polyurethane matte varnish.  this gives it the subtle finish which helps to make it so attractive.